5 October, 2021

IHRS to host an international conference with the HL-Senteret

IHRS will host a two-day international research conference in Stockholm on Local and Regional Aspects on Sweden and the Holocaust in close vicinity with the first meeting of the Swedish Presidency of the IHRA in June. We are happy to announce that the conference will be held in co-operation with the Norwegian HL-Senteret on June 17-18, 2022. Norway and Sweden have several important connections and this year marks 80 years since the deportation of the Norwegian Jews (which took place in November of 1942) and the flight to Sweden. Also, the flight of the Danish Jews in October of 1943 and their stay in Sweden, as well as narratives from Holocaust survivors who came to Sweden in 1945 is of great importance. The conference will focus on new research on the Holocaust from a local and regional perspective as well as the possibilities and challenges for Sweden´s Museum about the Holocaust in terms of research. More information about the Programme as well as deadline for Call for Papers will be published here shortly.

Caption: The German vessel SS Donau at the docks in Oslo at the time of the deportation of the Norwegian Jews in November of 1942. Photo: George W Fossum.

BILDTEXT: Deportation of the Norwegian Jews in November of 1942 on SS Donau. Photo: Georg W Fossum.

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