27 January, 2023

Lectures and Round Table on Holocaust Distortion

On November 8, the IHRS was a co-partner in organizing the Annual Seminar of the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism (SCAA). The theme for the Annual Seminar 2022 was Holocaust Distortion. Professor Jan Grabowski of University of Ottawa and Dr. Juliane Wetzel from Zentrum für Antisemitismus Forschung at Technische Universität Berlin lectured on Holocaust distortion and denial in Eastern and Western Europe. Grabowski and Wetzel also participated in a round table moderated by Associate Professor Karin Kvist Geverts where they discussed the differences and similarities of Holocaust distortion in Eastern and Western Europe, political usage and the possibilities and problems with social media. The lectures and the round table was filmed and can be watched here.

BILDTEXT: Roundtable with Jan Grabowski, Juliane Wetzel and Karin Kvist Geverts. Photo: Niclas Blom.

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