28 June, 2022

Inauguration of the Swedish Holocaust Museum

On June 16th, the Swedish Holocaust Museum was inaugurated by Minister of Culture, Jeanette Gustafsdotter. The inauguration took place at Statens Historiska museer due to the fact that the Holocaust Museum has not yet opened in its temporary localities. The Museum launched its website, read more on The Swedish Holocaust Museum. The Museums Director Katherine Hauptman  emphasized the fact that building a museum is a process which takes several years and the launch of the website is only the beginning. The Museum will open its first exhibition during the summer of 2023 in its temporary localities at Torsgatan in Stockholm. The starting point of the museum is stories and testimonies of Holocaust survivors who came to Sweden, and at the inauguration, a few items of the collection which has been donated or loaned by survivors and their relatives was presented. Two of these items belong to the Jewish survivor Kiwa Zyto who has lent his prisoners jacket and identity card to the museum (picture).

BILDTEXT: Prisoners jacket and identity card belonging to survior Kiwa Zyto. Photo: Ola Myrin, SMF.

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